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The Editions Orphée 2010 Composition Competition results,

The Editions Orphée 2010 Composition Competition,

Andrei Sychra, method for the Russian seven-string guitar

The Spinster, attributed to Mikhail Timofeevich Vyssotsky.

A mini colloquium about inherent or perceived quality of guitar music. Part II.
    By Matanya Ophee.

A mini colloquium about inherent or perceived quality of guitar music.
    By Matanya Ophee.

Variations on the Russian Folk Song Of All the Flowers I Loved the Rose Best. For the Russian seven-string guitar.
    By Andrei Sychra.

Comments on Sergei Rudnev's arrangement of the Old Lime Tree.
By Matanya Ophee.

Kathleen Mavourneen Fantasy by Giulio Regondi
    Discovered, elaborated and edited by Neal Cassidy

Early transcriptions of Isaac Albéniz' Leyenda
   by Matanya Ophee

Wittgenstein March Fantaisie by Marco Aurelio Zani de Ferranti. Introduction By Matanya Ophee. A virtuoso crowd pleaser. Get your chops in shape!

Leonhard Schulz: Recollections of Ireland Op. 41. With an Introduction by this loud Irishman Matanya O’Phee. Special for St. Patrick’s Day, next year’s that is. In the meantime we have a new MIDI file here by Jésus de las Heras Giménez which we think you will enjoy. Your comments always welcome.

Angel Iglesias, A Great Spanish Guitar Virtuoso and the Danish Odeon Recordings. By Erling Møldrup.

Fernando Sor’s Jesús de las Heras Jiménez. Describing Mr. de las Heras project of sequencing the entire ouput of Fernando Sor into usable MIDI files. Including direct links to several relevant pages. In English, Spanish and Esperanto.

Elegy Attributed to Mikhail Vyssotsky (1791-1837). Introduced by Matanya Ophee. The ultimate, unequivocal and final replacement to Spanish Romance, A.K.A. Jeux Interdix.

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