Guitar Issues

The neglect of cross-cultural pollination in guitar history research.
By Matanya Ophee

FRANÇOIS DE FOSSA, A French Guitarist in Mexico
By Matanya Ophee

Por Matanya Ophee

Some Considerations of 19th Century Guitar Music and Its Performance Today.
    By Matanya Ophee.

The Story of Yob.
    By Matanya Ophee

On the dangers in publishing music that is in the public domain.
        By Matanya Ophee.

Slavic Robin Hoods, or Hoodlums?
    By Matanya Ophee

A Short History of the use of the left-hand thumb: Some considerations of its practical use in performance today.
        By Matanya Ophee.

Brian Jeffery’s Fernando Sor Composer and Guitarist, A critical view of the second edition Updated!
        by Matanya Ophee.

Liner Notes Musicology, Part I. Updated!
    By Matanya Ophee

Wherefore Leonardo Schultz? Updated!
By Matanya Ophee

François de Fossa,  Un Guitarrista Francés en México. In Spanish. Click here for English version.
    Por Matanya Ophee

The Russian Seven String Guitar:  Celebration of an Anniversary.
By Matanya Ophee.

Dating the First Letter in the Segovia-Ponce Letters. 
    By Matanya Ophee.

A New ABC for Holding the Guitar: Aguado + Bassoonist strap = Comfort
 by Thomas F. Heck

Auprez de ma Blonde, or, the Makarov Guitar by Johann Gottfried Scherzer.

Songs with Guitar from the Age of Napoleon
    By John McCormick. UPDATED. 04 December, 2017.

The “Cinco Piezas” by Astor Piazzolla: how many versions?
    By Angelo Gilardino

Heinrich Albert and the First Guitar Quartet
    By Allan Morris. 

Repertoire Issues
   By Matanya Ophee.

Problemas de Repertorio
   Por Matanya Ophee. In Spanish.

The Yamashita Chronicles
   By Matanya Ophee.

Quién Hizo, Qué Cosa, Con Qué y A Quién?
    Por Matanya Ophee (Traducción: Eleazar Torres R.) In Spanish. Click here for English text.

First Lessons for Classic Guitar, by Richard Pick: Book I.
    By Matanya Ophee. Text of the handout given out at the lecture on the Chromatic Approach to Beginning Guitar Instruction at the 1977 Guitar Symposium of the American String Teachers Association. In English.

FRANÇOIS DE FOSSA,  A French Guitarist in Mexico
    By Matanya Ophee. Text of the lecture given at the 1997 International Guitar Festival in Cuernavac. In English.

A Brief History of Spanish Guitar Methods.
    By Matanya Ophee. Text of the lecture given at the 1998 GFA festival in Montreal. In English.

Una Breve Historia de los Métodos de Guitarra.
    Delivered at the 1998 Cuernavaca Festival. En castellano. Traducido por Melanie Plesch.

Stalking the Oldest Six-String Guitar.
    By Thomas F. Heck. was originally published only in Japanese in Gendai guitar 9, no. 3 (1975): 64-71. The author has mounted an English version of this article, including illustrations, at the GFA Archive web site.

Preface to Mark Delpriora’s Sonata.
    By Angelo Gilardino

La Sonata di Mark Delpriora—Prefazione.
    di Angelo Gilardino. In Italian.

Introducing John McCormick.
        By himself.

Frank Martin y la guitarra.
        por Jan J. de Kloe. In Spanish.

My Own Editions Are The Best, Of Course, And You Are Ugly And Evil
        By Angelo Gilardino.

Rafael Adame y el Primer Concierto Para Guitarra y Orquesta Del Siglo XX.
        Por Alejandro L. Madrid. In Spanish.

Rafael Adame and the First Guitar Concerto of the Twentieth Century.
       By Alejandro L. Madrid. In English.

Form-integrating Elements in the Variation Cycles by Jan Nepomucen Bobrowicz.
        By Krzysztof Komarnicki.

Two Nineteenth Century Volumes of Chamber Music with Guitar  at the Seville (Spain) Conservatory.
        By Julio Gimeno García. Click here for Spanish version

Angel Iglesias, A Great Spanish Guitar Virtuoso and the Danish Odeon Recordings.
        By Erling Møldrup.

An Unknown Version of a Well Known Phrase.
        By Angelo Gilardino.

Clarification of Information in “An Introduction to the History of the Guitar in Japan”
        By Robert Coldwell. Includes intriguing information about the Staufer guitar previously owned by Giulio Regondi.

An Introduction to the History of the Guitar in Japan.
        By Robert Coldwell. Including Notes on the First Appearances of the Guitar in Japan and Detailed Biographies of Major Guitarists First Active in the Pre-war Period.

Tackling Tecla 101.
        By Matanya Ophee. Additional material added.

On the Textual Authority of Old Editions.
        By Matanya Ophee.

Killing the Message, Part II.
        By Matanya Ophee.

Music for the Guitar printed in Sweden 1800-1860.
        By Kenneth Sparr.

Daniel Fryklund—a Devoted Collector of and Researcher on Musical Instruments and other Musicalia. Bio-bibliographical introduction and comments by Kenneth Sparr.

Bidrag till gitarristiken [Contributions to Guitar Studies]
        by Daniel Fryklund. Translated from the Swedish by Jan Ring Ellis, revised and annotated by Kenneth Sparr.

Dos Volúmenes Del Siglo XIX, Con Música de Cámara Con Guitarra, En El Conservatorio de Sevilla (España).
        Por Julio Gimeno García. (In Spanish). Click here for English version

Un fondo desconocido de música para guitarra: ¿Los papeles de D. Antonio Chocano?
        Por Luis Briso de Montiano.

Who Did What, And With Which, and to Whom?
        by Matanya Ophee.

Brian Jeffery: «Fernando Sor Composer and Guitarist» Una visión crítica
        por Matanya Ophee. Versión española. Traducción de Luis Briso de Montiano.

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